Who took the Social out of Social Media?

It staggers me just how many businesses use social media and seem to ignore the word ‘social.’

In my view, (and this might seem controversial) but if businesses aren’t prepared to engage in conversation and start to try to build relationships then their efforts are wasted and frankly it decreases the amount of voice we, the people who are embracing social media have to use. ¬†What is the point in trying to start relationships or conversations with people who are not interested in communicating. Our efforts are wasted in these circumstances as we only have so much time and resources to devote to these activities.Social Media

I believe that we would all benefit if we all followed some simple golden rules. I have listed them below but if you can think of more please do comment and add some. Join the conversation by all means.

1. Be conversational and try to start off a conversation. Simply posting out random quotes shows a complete lack of interest and initiative. Personally I would unfollow anyone who persistently just tweets quotes.

2. Be careful what you retweet or share. Simply sharing or retweeting is not starting a conversation. Whilst it might the content might be interesting, there is only so much credibility you would receive by posting it. Far better to start a conversation about the link?

3.Adopt a pull method to your marketing instead of push. People are sick and tired of receiving messages that are pushed onto them. Does your tweet or post focus in on just being a sales message? If so, ditch it…few if anyone will buy anyway and frankly you would be better off building a connection or following using some other tactic.

4. Decide what outcomes you want from your social media activities from the outset. If you need it, get some professional advice on the subject.

5. Measure outcomes that relate specifically to the engagement as opposed to just likes, follows, and retweets. Think deeper instead of stretching yourself too thinly.

Do you have anymore? Feel free to comment and add to the list.



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