The 10 Twitter Commandments: How to succeed with Twitter.

1. Be There

You have to show that you are part of the community and a resource that can be accessed by others. Tweet things that are informative and useful. Share other’s tweets mention others at every reasonable opportunity.

2. Be Responsive (and quickly)

Responding to others quickly shows others how you are likely to respond to customer requirements and that you are on top of your game.

3. Chat

You need to participate in chats that are focussed on business issues. It is about building rapport and really strong connections with others.

4. Schedule Content

Nobody can be on Twitter all the time. So make sure that you schedule relevant and useful content  to appear when you are not about. Make sure you can monitor responses via your mobile or tablet and deal with urgent queries or conversations.

5. Keyword Search

Identify keywords that are relevant to your business and industry. This will uncover valuable contacts that you can develop and build your followers/tribe/community.

6. Engage

Acknowledge new followers and this does NOT mean using an automated tweet/direct message. Respond and comment on their recent activity or tweets. Don’t enter into a sales pitch, its nor the time or the place.

7. Make & Use Twitter Lists.

Lists are a great way of grouping contacts together so that information can be accessed more easily. It is also a great way of  recognising certain Twitter followers for their input and impact.

8. Measure everything

Set goals, measure how well your followers engage with you or tweets you publish.  Get feedback from followers and get information.

9. Forget your number of followers.

What would you sooner have? 1000 followers who you dont interact or engage with, or 150 followers who interact, engage, and share what you do.  Consider the following: 150 followers who share your information could help you reach and engage with more than 10000 followers.

10) Personalise your profile.

Make your profile personal – complete it. Make sure you include personal information that will help people connect and build report.




About Gary Armstrong

I am a Business Growth Coach and Founder of Impetus Global. Our clients not only pay on results but also have access to Referral Networking Groups and also a Mastermind Group that helps them share knowledge and experience. Impetus Global Partners is a revolutionary Business Support Organisation providing Coaching and Networking.
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