Start Ups and Generating Revenue within 24 Hours.

As many know we at Impetus are proponents and advocates of Lean Start Up (although from a non tech point of view). Our Founder & CEO attended the Manchester Lean Start Up Meetup Group earlier last week to meet others involved and to gain a deeper insight into this methodology.  He was one of the first to arrive and along with others was ushered upto the 18th floor of City Towers, just off Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Inside the sponsors offices (ThoughtWorks Inc) you could just feel the creative ambience – walls littered with Post It notes, Business Model Canvas’s, flow charts etc etc. Barry O'Reilly

A long held view of ours (being passionate about start ups) is that there is no excuse not to start a business these days or at least to test your ideas or assumptions before you start incurring or requiring extensive funding.  With the advent of social media and other online platforms there is little excuse to not get out there and interact with potential customers/clients. This was precisely the message coming through from the speaker Barry O Reilly whose presentation centred around the premise that it is possible to design, build and produce revenue within 24 hours and he gave some classic examples as proof. One that springs to mind is Zappo’s which had very humble beginnings and then was sold to Amazon for £1.2bn in 2009  (Lacy, Sarah. Amazon Buys Zappos; The Price is $928m., not $847mTechCrunch. July 22, 2009.)

The Manchester Lean Start Up Group (“Lean Manc”) was excellently attended with beers, wines and nibbles but ultimately the real and most important benefit was in the information conveyed throughout the event – clearly the guys at ThoughtWorks are incredibly bright and know their stuff.  Should anyone else want to attend, Manuel Da Costa and the other organisers are the people to speak to. They meet monthly and their next event is on their meetup page.  I hope to meet some of you there.


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I am a Business Growth Coach and Founder of Impetus Global. Our clients not only pay on results but also have access to Referral Networking Groups and also a Mastermind Group that helps them share knowledge and experience. Impetus Global Partners is a revolutionary Business Support Organisation providing Coaching and Networking.
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