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5 Steps to Wealth: Why so many businesses fail and what you can do about it.

I have long since believed that the definition of a business is an enterprise that is profitable and operates without you being present.  There is a vast difference between being self employed that is to say, swapping your time for money and having a business that is leveraged and works with minimal if any input [...]

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A call for help…

Something special is happening at Impetus. Could you handle more business? Do you really want more business by word of mouth instead of cold calling or using other expensive forms of media?  If you are interested in any of the above we are developing a cuttting edge offering which will be available offline and eventually online. We are looking to [...]

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7 Steps To Grow Your Business

Most business owners we speak to are only interested in 3 main things in business. Firstly, more Money, Secondly more Profit and Thirdly more Time. Our business coaches are often asked what the secret is to growing a business and having more time and their response often is that there are none. There are however [...]

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