8 Reasons Not To Hire A Social Media Consultant

8 Reasons Not To Hire A Social Media Consultant

Every man/woman and their dog are setting up as Social Media Consultants, Social Media Managers, and Social Media Guru’s; it’s only to be expected.  Saying this however, there are some very good ones (of which we like to think we are one) and we also think we know what sets us and great social media consultants apart from the rest.

Don’t hire a Social Media firm if:-

 1.   They don’t spend time with you. And we mean a lot of time. A great Social Media Consultant must be able to understand your business inside out. They should understand all about who your customers are and where they are likely to be from a Social Media perspective. More about this later. They should also be able to understand the cost constraints and cost per customer acquisition before making any recommendations or taking action in respect of any campaign.

2.   They are not business experts. It should make sense that Social Media Consultants without any commercial acumen are not going to be able to deliver strategic solutions that generate results.  Granted, they might be able to suggest some tactics that might help but ultimately without understanding where those tactics sit within a strategic framework, the results are likely to be hit and miss. Would you play hit and miss with your money? We didn’t think so.

 3.   They cannot demonstrate the ROI. If they cannot demonstrate where the return on investment is going to be from in any of their activities before they set out with actions or recommendations, then you can almost certainly conclude there is not going to be any return on investment.

4.    They are focussed on Followers, Friends, Likes and Connections. There are numerous consultants that play to a business owner’s obsession with simple connections etc. but ultimately this is misguided.  Your Consultant should be talking about engagement. They should be talking about creating communities and courting other key influencers in your industry that have influence over your customers and can spread the word. The sooner that you realise that Social Media is word of mouth on amphetamines, the better.

5.   They are not transparent about measuring tools. There are many Consultants out there that will produce steep graphs attempting to show you how well they have done in order to justify their existence.  Don’t be taken in. It’s imperative that evidence be produced but ultimately you should have and be given the same access to information that your consultant has. That way you can double check yourself. If you trust the graphs at face value, you run the risk of being naïve.

6.   They are not able to tell you where your customers are socially. So many agencies and consultants are primarily focussed on a few platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Fundamentally this is flawed. If your customers are not on Facebook or Twitter then there is little point concentrating on these platforms. Your consultant should be able to demonstrate the resources to locate the appropriate platforms and take the steps to exploit it.

7.   They employ a direct sales team. This could apply to any business but even more so to businesses within social media. Perhaps we are being a little biased but ultimately we believe the person discussing your business objectives should be a business expert not a sales person chasing a target. We all know that we have our goals and objectives but ultimately a client must come first.

8.   They are Social Media Guru’s. If they say they are, it probably means that they are not.  We are exceptionally good at what we do but we have to accept that like all experts, we do not stop learning. We do not know it all and never will.  If your social provider suggests any different, they are not being true to themselves let alone you.

Business is no longer about whether or not you are using social media it is now about how well you use social media. Don’t leave it to chance.  We know there are probably many more you could probably add. Why not join in the conversation and chat?



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