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The 10 Twitter Commandments: How to succeed with Twitter.

1. Be There You have to show that you are part of the community and a resource that can be accessed by others. Tweet things that are informative and useful. Share other’s tweets mention others at every reasonable opportunity. 2. Be Responsive (and quickly) Responding to others quickly shows others how you are likely to [...]

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5 Steps to Wealth: Why so many businesses fail and what you can do about it.

I have long since believed that the definition of a business is an enterprise that is profitable and operates without you being present.  There is a vast difference between being self employed that is to say, swapping your time for money and having a business that is leveraged and works with minimal if any input [...]

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Bash the Entrepreneur…the easy target.

After a recent rant on Facebook I thought I would write a bit about the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur. Whilst I might be taken to be a complete cynic, this is not actually the case and there is a positive upside to what I am about to say. Let’s be honest, you [...]

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